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  • Prioritize projects to ensure you and employees are keeping focused.
  • Know that your employees are staying on task.
  • Effortless integrated timesheet creation - eliminate paper timesheets.
  • Maximize business efficiency.
  • Manage employees better and take charge of your resources.
  • Enjoy clear communication between you, your employees & your customers.
  • Centralize internal and external project files.
  • Simplify client billing and invoices.

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Why You Need It

Fewer keystrokes. Fewer mouse clicks. Less overhead, more getting ahead. Projeny puts the following features into one seamless web-based program that requires no software other than a modern web browser to run. Available from anywhere there is an internet connection, including your smart phone, you can manage your customer, employees and projects faster and easier than ever before. Start your free project management software trial today. Some of the features of Projeny include:

*Applies to all paying plans. Projeny Solo has client and project limits.

"Our employees are much more focused with Projeny. We were so happy to find a single tool to manage our employees and our tasks."

Blake Adsero, President
Master Wholesale

"Everything we need to manage our employees and projects in one application. My job has gotten much easier since finding Projeny."

Zack Miller, Manager
LFS Marine Outdoor

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